What Year is This? Student to Call Teacher “Master”

As children, we’re taught to use “yes, ma’am” and “yes, sir” when speaking to our parents, educators and others in authority. Well, one White teacher took it a step further by telling a Black student to add “master” to the end of that expression.

Say what?!

When Shawn McCurtain, a teacher at Roosevelt High School in Iowa, told his class to head downstairs to take an exam, student Jabre White replied, “yes, sir.”

“You meant to say, ‘Yes, sir, master,’ ” McCurtain allegedly responded.

((palms face))

McCurtain claimed the statement was a joke, but White didn’t even crack a smile.

Instead, the senior reported the incident to his school’s administration, but he and his mother, Nicholle White, were not told what disciplinary action would be taken. Dissatisfied with the response, the mother and son brought the story to The Des Moines Register.

According to the school, personnel matters and disciplinary actions are not to be disclosed. The 17-year-old and his mother were merely told that McCurtain was “remorseful,” and Nicolle White added that she received a phone call from McCurtain apologizing.

McCurtain is still employed at the school; we certainly hope he isn’t a history teacher.