What Year Is This? Black History Month Menu

Credit: Thinkstock

Seriously, stop it.

The principal of this all-girls private school in California needs to get a swift rump kicking.

As do all the bigoted fools supporting this action in the comments section of this article about how the institution’s Black History Month menu consisted of cornbread, fried chicken and (wait for it) watermelon.  Read the nonsense HERE.

Now, when you’re done eye rolling over the Carondelet High School for Girls in Concord, riddle me this….when was it proclaimed that battered wings, cornbread and a chaser of ‘melon were Black folk food, officially?

Were you there for this vote?

And most importantly, who is planning this assembly they plan to hold to address the controversy and allegedly learn from their mistakes?

I pray it’s not the same person who came up with this menu.  If so, they may just make Madea master of ceremonies.

Please don’t.

–Thanks, Management