SMH: Mayor Accused of Flashing Gang Signs

Sometimes when I see racist mess, we in the newsroom bow our heads and wish hard that it’s fake.

But in this case that is riling up the Interwebs, it’s actual and factual.  We are filing it under our SMH aka Shaking My Headlines…

Navell Gordon is a young volunteer in Minneapolis’ charity, Neighborhood Organizing for Change. He freely admits he was unable to vote due to a criminal record, and now the teen shares his story and encourages people to vote.

Now, here’s where the story will have you seeing red. While posing for a picture with Minneapolis Mayor, Betsy Hodges who is white, there’s a moment in the video footage where the two were working out how they were going to pose.

Watch that here:

The mayor is shown holding up the two fingers, symbolizing the peace sign.

News reporters from ABC News Affiliate, KSTP and police officials apparently didn’t see it that way and spun an entire new and crazy story with headlines and social media messages such as:

Disgusted, yet?

The news story ran with the headline: Mpls. Mayor Flashes Gang Sing with Convicted Felon; Law Enforcement Outraged.

Wait, what? Gang signs? Where? The story also went so far as to say that Mayor Hodges put officers in harms way.

I’m sorry, is something missing, here? Did we not review the same footage?

This is heartbreaking.

If you can take it, here’s the original news cast: