WHAT YEAR IS THIS? Boss Uses “Whites Only” Policy

Credit: Thinkstock

Two Black men in Tennessee are stuck in the 1960s, and they’re desperately trying to make their way back to 2014.

Antonio Harris and Marrio Mangrum endured racism on the job for months, where their former supervisor enforced a “Whites Only” policy.

After being fed up with the abuse, Harris used his cell phone to record the slander.

“I need to put a sign here that says `White People Only,’” his boss was caught saying.

In another account, Harris asked what will happen if he drinks from the water fountain.

“That’s when we hang you,” his boss replied.

The two employees were also told not to use the microwave.

Apparently, their boss is unaware that Jim Crow ended decades ago. And did we mention their place of employment is at a cotton gin?

Not only did the men report the abuse to the owners of their workplace, the Atkinson Cotton Warehouse, they’ve taken it a step farther by also filing a federal complaint.

Now, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission are investigating the claims, according to ABC News.

The supervisor has since been removed, so hopefully he’ll be enrolled into some history classes that will bring him up to speed on what year it is.