What Year is This? Sony Hacks Expose Bigotry Toward President Obama

So, those Sony hacks are showing us the less glittery side of Tinsel Town, no doubt. Yes, e-mails from executives roasted Angelina Jolie, Kevin Hart and others as “spoiled,” “talentless,” and in Hart’s case, “a whore” for not towing the line, but there was even uglier stuff said about President Barack Obama.

Deadline has exclusively obtained an apology from Executive Producer Scott Rudin after he and Sony Pictures Entertainment chief Amy Pascal were exposed for unsavory, racially tinged “jokes” about President Obama.

A snippet of what these two stooges consider humor:

“Would he like to finance some movies,” Rudin asked Pascal, who was attending a fundraising event and would see the Commander-in-Chief.  Pascal responded: “I doubt it.  Should I ask him if he liked DJANGO?”  Rudin’s quip: “12 YEARS,” to which Madame Pascal offered up even more Black star vehicles, including “The Butler” and “Think Like a Man.”

Wow.  Combine this with Ridley Scott’s completely tone deaf response to his whitewashing of Egypt in “Exodus” (in 2014, no less) and we ask our ever important question.  What year is this?

So much for liberal Hollywood, eh?