What Year is This? Woman Spews Racial Slurs

Credit: iStock Photo

Oh, Florida.

Pamela Michener, a citizen of the Sunshine State, hasn’t been much of a ray of light for the people in her community. The White woman was caught on camera taunting her Black neighbor and her child with racial slurs.

“Let me tell you something, you fat f**king n**ger. Maybe if you disciplined your f**king n**ger, stinky-ass Black children, I wouldn’t have to put my two cents in,” she shouted in a video making its way around the Internet.

Mya Ronk, Michener’s neighbor, posted the recording of the former school bus driver to social media so others could witness the foolishness.

“This is who our kids are around,” Ronk told a WWSB reporter. “We don’t want our kids feeling unsafe.”

The tape does not show why the woman suddenly goes on a rampage, but there is certainly no reason to use such vulgar and offensive language, especially about youngsters, no matter the situation.

When the broadcaster visited Michener’s home to ask about her ridiculous behavior, she replied, “First of all, I’m not a racist. It’s just the opposite.”

Well, she certainly fooled us.

The only excuse she provided for her actions was that she was menaced.

“What do you expect,” she asked. “My life is threatened, OK? I have people attacking me all the time. What do you expect?”

We’d expect you to conduct yourself like a civil human being who does not need to rely on racial insults to defend herself. How about that?

Let’s face it. If you’re acting like a bigot, choosing to remain in the 1950s during this modern day of technology and all its wonders, you will be exposed!

When will they learn?! SMH