What Year Is This? Police Humiliate Black Men

Can it get any more disgraceful?

In a series of sickening videos making their way around the web courtesy of the Motor City Muckraker blog, we see Gross Pointe Park police officers in Michigan allegedly making a mockery of, and exploiting, Black men.

In one incident, Officer Mike Najm is heard reportedly instructing a mentally ill man to sing. In other disturbing scenes, African American men are told to dance like chimps, the Muckraker reports.

Come again?

The officer is accused of filming the footage and sharing it with family and friends. According to Motor City Muckracker, the majority of the videos were shot from squad cars.

Grosse Pointe Park Capt. David Loch was originally skeptical of the tapes and texts because Najm is going through a divorce from his wife, who supposedly submitted the evidence. After reviewing the material, Loch has decided to open an investigation.

What kind of officer finds humor in debasing another person? This mess reminds us of a recent suit in which rapper “Sauce Da Boss” claims NYPD officers offered him a chance to rap for his freedom.

((blank stare))

We can only hope the individuals responsible are punished by the same system they claim to represent.