What Year is This? Obama Called N-Word & More

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In this week’s roundup of racially charged insults, the bigots laid it on pretty thick.  Check out three, headache-inducing headlines:

The What in the White House?

First up is an incendiary headline from a New York newspaper that left readers’ mouths wide open in disbelief. It read, “The N*gger in the White House.”

*big gasp*

It’s no secret that President Barack Obama has faced racism since stepping into the Oval Office, but this blatant name-calling is repugnant, especially for a news outlet.

The op-ed piece by James Lincoln Collier, printed in a small community paper called The WestView News, was actually pro-Obama, according to The Wrap. But it’s difficult to understand why such a title was necessary to convey a message aimed to criticize discrimination.  But moving on…

Twitter Tirade

The jaw-dropping racial rhetoric continued when Anthony Cumia of SiriusXM’s Opie and Anthony posted a set of offensive tweets that led the station to give him his marching orders, according to The Associated Press.

It all started when Cumia was out and about taking photos of Times Square and captured a Black woman, who did not want to be photographed. According to his Twitter, the lady confronted him and punched him several times. That’s when Cumia took to social media to call her “an animal b*tch,” “a savage” and “a c*nt.”

Here’s the kicker. Cumia believes he was victimized, because he was a “white male.”

“It’s really open season on white people in this day and age,” he wrote. “No recourse. Fight back and you’re a racist. The predators know this. Good luck.”

*face palms*

Civil Discord

Cumia isn’t the only one advocating for (ahem) White rights. A gang of callers on C-SPAN had a lot to say when asked to give their thoughts on the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act. You can watch the broadcast here.

Apparently, “the white man has done more for the black man in this country,” at least according to one commenter. He finished his statement with, “I think the black man owes the white man a thank you.”

Hmmm…Let us know if you can help us find a Black person, other than the cartoon Uncle Ruckus, who wants to offer up that level of gratitude.  But wait for it.

That is not all. Another caller phoned in saying, “I think there is a war on white men in this country…I’m sick and tired — as an octogenarian — hearing all this bad-mouthing of white people…I think it’s time for white men to start standing up because there’s all kinds of groups for other races. And I think it’s time for white pride.”

Oh? Is that how you feel?

We told you they laid it on thick this week. SMH.