What Year is This? Michelle Obama Backlash, Racist Teacher

Fifty reasons why we love first lady Michelle Obama in honor of her 50th birthday.

An Ohio teacher gets the boot for a racist remark and Kansas is not feeling the First Lady.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, The Fairfield Board of Education voted 4-0 on Thursday night to fire science teacher Gil Voigt from Fairfield Freshman School after he told a student the United States doesn’t need another black commander-in-chief.

Voigt claims the student misquoted him. He said he told his class the country doesn’t need another President like Barack Obama “whether he’s black or white.” A state investigation found this isn’t the first time Voigt has had a problem with his language.

In 2008, he allegedly pointed a laser pointer at a student and stated he looked like “an African-American Rudolph. ” In 2012, he was also accused of calling a student stupid and saying he and a few of his classmates were gay.

The Ohio Department of Education is currently deliberating whether or not to revoke Voigt’s teaching license. Voigt, who has taught in the Fairfield school district since 2000, will be able to appeal his termination to a Butler County court.

As if that isn’t enough.

Meanwhile, over in Kansas, local citizens are not feeling Michelle Obama.

The First Lady is slated to speak at a joint commencement for Topeka-area high school students in what should be regarded as an honor, but instead the development has both parents and students in an uproar.

According to Fox News, the school district plans to hold the combined graduation ceremonies in a 8,000-seat arena. While some are concerned about space, others are concerned that Michelle Obama’s appearance, which is supposed to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education outlawing segregation in schools, will overshadow the students’ achievements.

“People think it’s a great opportunity, but it’s the graduates’ time. They are getting that diploma that they worked so hard for,” said student Taylor Gifford, who launched an online petition objecting the First Lady’s appearance. “Families are feeling that they are being cheated out of the loved ones special day.”

Ron Harbaugh, a spokesman for the Topeka school district, said the district is still working out details for the event, but plan on providing priority seating as well as an overflow room with a direct broadcast of the event.

Using our best Tamar Braxton impression, we invite Topeka parents/students and Gil Voigt to have several seats. We’ll keep an eye on both school-related stories, two more sorry entries in our “What Year is This” archive.  **deep sigh**