WHAT YEAR IS THIS? Blackface at the World Cup

The Adidas brazuca, the Official Match Ball for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

In light of the all of the World Cup excitement, there seems to still be enough room for racism.

Photos of two men, believed to be Germany fans, wearing blackface, curly afros and DIY “Ghana” jerseys rapidly spread across the Internet and social media during Saturday’s match between Germany and Ghana. It turns out that at least a dozen spectators showed up at the game donned in blackface. Some were even asked to do interviews.

…Wait, what?!

Why so many people cannot let the ugly and painful past of blackface go just might be the question of the decade.

Luckily, the FIFA disciplinary committee is launching an investigation into racial discrimination.

In other tasteless World Cup news, a souvenir company created about 2,000 mugs with President Obama’s photo on themand not as a form of endearment.

A Dorset company confused Obama with England soccer player Chris Smalling, and so the president’s photo is accompanied by Smalling’s name and “World Cup squad Brazil 2014.” A clearance company is now selling the mugs as comedy for £2,000 ($3,401), The Root reports.

Friendly reminder: Not all Black people look alike. Just ask Samuel L. Jackson.