What Year Is This? Black Professor Can’t Talk Racism

Credit: Thinkstock

Um.  Not sure what to make of this story from Jezebel.

In it, we learn about a Black professor at Minneapolis Community and Technical college who was disciplined for trying to convince two White male students that it was still worthwhile to discuss racism in 2013.

**blank stare**

After unsuccessfully trying to teach the two (ahem) objectors about structural racism, the dynamic duo instead opted to take Shannon Gibney up on an offer to go report her.  In a move that strikes me as utterly idiotic, the educator actually received a reprimand.

**wall slides**

Admittedly, I’ve witnessed something along this order during a college class as I recounted in a prior post.  I’d love to know what you think of this latest situation if you can leave some comments below.

Until then, I’m going somewhere to bang my head ever so gently against the invisible, but solid, wall of privilege.