What Year Is This? Racist Woman Goes on Rant

Credit: iStock Photo

So apparently Black people can’t start up their cars without being incredibly offensive. At least that’s what one White woman in New York thinks.

When a Black man cranked up his vehicle at a local store in Cheektowaga, a nearby White woman went ballistic, shouting all types of insultingly racial slurs at him in broad daylight.

“You’re a ni**er…nasty f**king ni**er” is one of them.

“He’s a racist, ignorant ni**er” is another.

Oh, you don’t believe us? The gentleman whipped out his camera to capture the taunting on tape. The video is so disgusting that we couldn’t even include it in this post. It’s been smacked with a big ol’ NSFW stamp.

Her only excuse for verbally attacking the man was that he scared her children, who were unfortunately witnesses to their mother’s foolishness in the background of the video.

And of course it gets worse. Doesn’t it always?

We later find out her husband is a police officer, whom she calls as an attempt to intimidate the man. Then, she threatens to call up every officer she knows because of her very classy relationship with the police department.

“Tell him how many cops I’ve stripped for…”

Yes, she admitted she’s shaken and revealed her romp to a number of her husband’s cop friends.

What a dynamic couple?! We can only imagine what her husband was saying on the other end of the line.

Geez Louis! As if the Donald Sterling scandal and recent Justin Bieber tapes weren’t enough for your daily dose of race relations, here’s this poor example of a human being. SMDH!