What Year Is This? Black History Month Menu

Golden brown fried chicken
Credit: Thinkstock

Well, isn’t this lovely? In honor of Black History Month, an Ohio college decided to celebrate black people by offending black people with none other than a special menu chock-full of racial stereotypes.

Wright State University has been under fire after featuring fried chicken, mashed potatoes, collard greens, and cornbread as part of the school’s Black History Month dining.

The food options were topped off with decorative photos of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. (See image, below)


News of the ill-fated menu has spread through social media, with people calling it offensive and extremely disrespectful, according to The Dayton Daily News.

And why shouldn’t they?

After last year’s fiasco with an-all girls school that decided to serve fried chicken and watermelon for Black History Month, you’d think food vendors would consider something a little more original.

Or, at the very least, they’d realize not all Black people sit around a bucket of fried chicken each February waiting to feast on grease and have a good ole finger lickin’ time.

Wright State University President David Hopkins sent an email apologizing for the menu and pledged to prevent future incidents.

Chartwells Higher Education Dining Service also admitted that they could have done a better job planning what they originally hoped would be “a cultural dining experience.”

The apologies are appreciated but in the future, please consult us before you feed us. Culture is best served that way.