What Year Is This? Racist Woman Goes Off

Racism is a disturbing beast and its evil form was clearly unleashed at Chicago’s Oak Street Beach when a White beachgoer went full bigot on Black children for splashing water.

The racially-fueled commentary was caught on video and is now making its rounds on social media.

You can watch it here.

Le sigh. Splashing water at the beach.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that there is a high possibility of water flowing when you’re in a space people occupy when trying to cool down.

If getting wet was not your purpose for attending the beach and you become irritated with children at play, as opposed to calling them n-words, one would think a level-headed person would speak to the parents.

But no, as heard in the woman’s racial and insulting rant, she insisted she was complying with the “Free Speech” safety net.

The offensive dialogue continued after the children’s mother addressed the woman for yelling at her kids, to which she responded:

“Of course you haven’t graduated and you don’t know the Constitution of the United States and what it says… It’s called free speech in America. Right to free speech! Look it up!”

Horrific! Seriously, all of this over splashing water … at a BEACH?! Wow.

Folks’ true colors are showing and will continue be documented.