What Year Is This?: The 2013 Recap

Credit: Thinkstock

As a nation, we are 13 good years into the new millennium with a 2 term-serving black president to boot! Annnnd, 2014 is knocking at our door!

Hold it!—

Before we sing Auld Lang Syne, it’s high time we take a look at some of the most racially-BACKWARD events… that actually lead one to ask: “WHAT YEAR IS THIS?”

With a column heralding the tongue-and-cheek question as its title, writers have presented a year-ful of compelling critiques that had us all beginning to question if the calendar year has us duped!

Read more about these events below:

Neighborhood Segregation

A neighborhood in Baton Rouge, LA petitions to re-establish itself as a predominantly white city.

Black Professor Can’t Talk Racism

At Minneapolis Community College, a black professor is reprimanded for covering the topic of  modern-day racism.

Occupation Is A Slave

A Georgia, Dekalb County online juror questionaire lists “slave” as an option for occupation.

Police Humiliate Black Men

Michigan police officer demands that black men in custody dance like “chimps” and shares footage with family and friends.

The Black Bruins And UCLA [Video]

Black male students at the University of California- Los Angeles have taken the great disparity in the black student population compared to students of other races into their own hands.

Lawmaker Would Allow Slavery

“…They’d probably have to hold a gun to my head, but yeah”, is the response given by Nevada Assemblyman, Jim Wheeler if his constituents were to vote for slavery.

Too Black To By A Belt

A New York City 19-year old arrested for attempting to buy a $300 belt at upscale retailer, Barneys.

Racist Gymnast Comments

After Simone Biles became the first Black female gymnast to win a world all-around title, Italian gymnast suggests to teammates that “…we should also paint our skin black so then we can win, too.”

Segregated Sorority

University of Alabama recently permits black students to join an historically white sorority.

Slave Re-Enactment

Grammar school children given the assignment to re-enact slavery with in-depth education as the motive.

Racist Receipt

A racist patron at a Tennessee Red Lobster allegedly leaves a racially-singed message on their receipt for a waitress.