Yale Fraternity Under Fire for Discrimination

Yale University’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity (SAE) is in the spotlight yet again over allegations of discrimination, reports Washington Post.

This time, the fraternity has been accused of only admitting white girls into their Halloween party.

Students say they were denied entry, and a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was screening guests at the door as he chanted, “white girls only.” Students of color also said he only allowed blonde women into the party.

The fraternity has a reputation for being accused of sponsoring racist traditions. The national chapter of the organization announced initiatives this Spring that were intended to combat racism.

The announcement came after members of the University of Oklahoma SAE chapter came under fired when a video of members saying a Black person would never be a member of their frat went viral.

A spokesperson for the organization said the fraternity has “zero tolerance for any behaviors or actions that deviate from our values, mission and creed.”

The Yale SAE chapter had already been placed under sanctions before the alleged incident after an initiation ceremony in 2014 violated the school’s sexual misconduct policy.

Yale has yet to comment on the incident.