Wrong Address Listed for Cops in Gray Death

Last Friday, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced that charges would be filed against the six officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray.

Now, it has been discovered that the wrong addresses were filed on record. Instead of calling Police Sergeant Alicia White for comment, journalists reached Alicia White, an elementary school cafeteria manager from East Baltimore instead.

The Baltimore Sun was among those who contacted the other White on Friday based on the information in court records.

“The middle initial was off. Her address, her height, her weight, her driver’s license number – all of the information was my client’s information,” said Jeremy Eldridge, an attorney who says he has been hired by the resident.

“Her life has been a living hell the past four days,” he told the publication.

An attorney for Lt. Brian Rice said his client’s information was also incorrectly entered when prosecutors filed charges. He declined further comment.

Tammy and Brian Rice said they received multiple calls from reporters looking for the lieutenant. Brian Rice of Brunswick is a plumber.

The Baltimore Sheriff’s Office assisted the State’s Attorney’s Office in charging the officers. They declined to comment when requests were submitted by the Sun. 

Each of the officers charged posted bail and were released on Friday, the same day the charges were filed.

Court records now have a general mailing address for the officers involved.

In light of the violence and emotion seen in Baltimore over the past few days, this seems pretty reckless on the city’s end. Entering the wrong information places these innocent people in harm’s way.

Makes you kind of look at the city a little sideways. Just sayin’.