Who is Worse? Don Lemon vs Raven-Symone

You know that harsh “hush” you get from your m’dear when you talk in church?

Or when you have an animated conversation in a public library?

Yeah, take that, amplify it by 1,000 and let’s make that collective sound at two pop culture gadflies: Don Lemon and Raven-Symone.

Both are in trouble for comments they made about the Spring Valley assault, during which a full grown man treated a teenager like an old rag doll over…wait for it…a refusal to go to the office after she used a cell phone in class.

**drops to knees**

The horror!

**sarcasm back in check**

Let’s get to the heart of the matter.  Lemon, who isn’t exactly known for nuance these days, took it upon himelf to play devil’s advocate.  Instead, he sounded more like…well…um…the devil.  But Sunny Hostin gave it to him like she owed him something.  #teamsunny


Then, Raven-Symone almost acted like she had a little sense when she said the officer was out of hand.  Then, she just had to add this tidbit. (Fast forward to the 3:00 mark.)

Girl, aren’t you covered with grill marks by now after being roasted, toasted and broasted on Twitter and all other manner of social media?

Bottom line is…both of them need to be quiet and stop using their national platforms for foolery.  Which is worse though?  You tell me by answering this poll: