Wiz Khalifa Pisses Off Colombian Officials

And he can’t come back until he apologizes.

Not sure if there is official attire for graveyard visits, but Wiz Khalifa decided to pay Pablo Escobar’s grave a visit in Medellin, Colombia after his concert earlier this past weekend.

According to the BBC News, the Columbian Mayor Federico Gutierrez was not pleased with Wiz’s visit to the most notorious drug lord in the world’s grave site because it promotes gun violence amongst the youth of the natino. Medellin Mayor allegedly called Wiz a “scoundrel” and said that he should “apologize” for glorifying gang banging culture.

Wiz posted his visit to his Instagram page wearing a pair of grey sweatpants, a white tee shirts and lots of gold and diamond jewelry with his signature sunnies. Perhaps, not the idea outfit of choice for a graveyard visit and definitely not a tourist attraction.  He could have done better than that!

Fans reacted to his Instagram post calling him out for glorifying the drug lord. However, so many people have watched and have raved about the hit Netflix series, Narcos, so I’m not sure why this is surprising.

Do you think Wiz was being offensive with his visit this dead person’s grave in sweatpants or was he just living out his pop culture thrills?