Whomp! Stacey Dash Suspended from FOX

It’s no secret that Stacey Dash’s political views make some of us drop our heads in shame. FOX is sharing those sentiments as they have recently suspended her for inappropriate comments she made about President Barack Obama.

During an appearance on one of the networks’ Sunday segments, the contributor discussed Obama’s speech for combatting terrorism, which he delivered following the San Bernardino shooting.

She thinks he doesn’t “give a sh*t” about the matter.

Yep, those were her words.

While the beauty attempted to retract her statement, the expletive had already left her lips.

For the slip up, the station has dismissed her for two weeks. The 44-year-old confirmed the punishment on Twitter writing, “Consequences. Some of us have to pay them. Gladly.”

She’s not the only one on FOX badmouthing the president. Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters has done it too. Read what he said here, and watch Dash’s flub below.

  • D.Moore

    I am not surprised at Ms. Dash's thoughts on The POTUS.At times I have felt the same way.

  • Willie Burnett

    She got what she desired. I wished she had been fired,

  • Yourlost Integrity

    So clearly Najja Parker has a problem with being black and conservative. While your "hanging your head in shame" maybe you should ponder your willingness to sellout for your ideology. Enjoy eating the rotten fruit of your labor.

    • Kyra Kyles

      I wouldn’t make that assumption. You can be liberal, conservative and have a problem with someone’s individual politics within either of those categories.

  • marcia

    It is not over watch her career that a big hit in a year or two no one will remember her name. She will be on the Where are they now show.