White House Reporter April Ryan Is Now A CNN Political Analyst

Over the past three months, you’ve probably gotten familiar with seeing and hearing the name April Ryan.

For 20 years, Ryan has been a White House reporter for American Urban Radio Networks. Most recently, Ryan, herself, has become the news due to her exchanges with the Trump administration at White House press briefings.

On Monday, it was announced Ryan would be joining CNN as a political analyst.

Just last week, Ryan asked White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer about the Trump administration’s alleged connections to Russia were being perceived, and the exchange resulted in Spicer telling Ryan, “stop shaking your head.”

Ryan later told CNN she was shaking her head “in disbelief” to Spicer’s response.

This moment went viral and the hashtag #BlackWomenAtWork began trending with Black women detailing the times in the workplace where they were disrespected.

In February, Ryan asked Trump if he planned on meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus and in turn, he asked her she would set up the meeting.

Ryan is one of the many political reporters who are going to keep asking this administration the tough questions, so we know she’ll do great on CNN adding her perspective.