The White House Correspondents’ Dinner Went On Without President Trump

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 29: Host, comedian Hasan Minhaj speaks on stage during 2017 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner at Washington Hilton on April 29, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

This weekend, an annual tradition took place in Washington, D.C.- the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Nicknamed “nerd prom,” it’s an annual fundraiser that raises money for scholarships while honoring political journalists. However, this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner was a tad bit different. How? Well, for the first time in decades, the President didn’t show up. That’s right. President Trump became the first President in forever to be a no-show at one of the biggest political events of the year.

As well all know, the President doesn’t have the best relationship with the press, so he clearly wasn’t trying to hear any of the jokes (no matter how true they were) aimed at him.

Every year, the dinner has a host and this year it was “The Daily Show” correspondent, Hasan Minhaj.

Minhaj kept to tradition and made jokes about the President, the press and how they cover him.

Judging by the way the crowd and social media reacted, he did a pretty good job too.

“No one wanted to do this, so of course it lands in the hands of an immigrant,” said Minhaj, who is Indian-American.

In a couple of his jokes, he went on to say things like:

“He tweets at 3 AM… sober. Who is tweeting at 3 AM sober? Donald Trump, because it’s 10 AM in Russia. Those are business hours!”

“Jeff Sessions couldn’t be here. He was busy doing a pre-Civil War re-enactment. He said no, which happens to be his second favorite N-word.”

“I don’t have a solution. You guys have to be more perfect now. You are how the President gets his news. Not from advisors, not from experts, not from intelligence agencies. You guys. You can’t make any mistakes. When one of you messes up, he blames the whole group. Now you know what it feels like to be a minority.”

“It’s 11 PM, so in three hours he will be tweeting about how bad Nicki Minaj bombed at this dinner. He’ll be doing it completely sober.”

 Check out some more of Minhaj’s political material below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Tasos Katopodis