What Year Is This? Too Black to Buy a Belt

Apparently buying an item from the mall with your own debit card and the state ID to match is considered fraud these days.

At least that’s what the New York Police Department and a Barneys’ clerk thought when they accused 19-year-old Trayon Christian of the crime back in April.

When the college freshman, who had been saving up his money from a part-time job, purchased a $320 designer belt by Salvatore Ferragamo, officers pounced on him as soon he walked out of the door.

Despite showing his debit card, ID and receipt, Christian wasn’t released from the local precinct until the cops verified his purchase with Chase bank.

Well, the engineering major wasn’t too happy with the incident. Not only did he return the belt and vow never to shop at Barneys again, he also filed a lawsuit Tuesday for unspecified damages against the Madison Avenue store and the NYPD.

“He’s never been arrested. His only crime was being a young black guy buying a $300 belt,” said Michael Palillo, Christian’s lawyer.

Parting lesson: Cashiers should probably think twice before determining how much someone can afford based on their appearance. Just a friendly suggestion.

Your turn: Do you think Trayon Christian has a strong case?