What Year Is This? Slave Re-enactment

Credit: iStock

It is rare that you get to use the expression so literally, but here goes:

Have the folks at the Hartford School System and Nature’s Classroom lost their cotton-picking minds?

There is no other valid explanation for why the school and the program cooked up a slave re-enactment exercise that reportedly involved using racial slurs, simulating a recapture of runaway slaves and packing grammar-school level children into a dark room to show them what it was like to be in a slave ship.

Take a deep breath, then read the story on Radio Facts, with text of the full complaint, HERE.


Okay. Let’s keep moving here.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against teaching the truth about the horrors of the slave trade and the wicked institution to follow.  It is more the way this was handled.  Parents, apparently, were not aware this was the nature of the trip, and who thought it was a good plan to have the White staffers handle the overseer-like duties?  The only way this would have been worse is if Paula Deen had been on hand instructing the children on how to properly serve lemonade at the Big House.


So there it is.  Here’s a message to any other confused administrators who might be remotely entertaining this type of activity.  Please, don’t let seeing Django Unchained, 12 Years a Slave, and other films confuse you into thinking you should also be bringing history back to life.  I am not yet a parent, but if I were….man alive.  Let’s just say I will not incriminate myself by sharing the graphic details of what would happen to the grown fools who dressed up as slave catchers and chased any baby of mine through a field under the guise of education.