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What We’re Reading This Week [May 31, 2013]

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Ricin-Laced Letter Intercepted Before It Reached Obama 

Yet another letter addressed to Obama has tested positive for containing traces of the deadly poison ricin. The letter was received by an off-site mailing facility and pulled before reaching the White House. CLICK HERE to read more.

Texas Man Questioned In Mayor Bloomberg Ricin Letter

A man from New Boston, Texas has been identified by the FBI as a person of interest in connection to the threatening poisonous letters that were sent to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his gun control advocacy group on Thursday. CLICK HERE to read more.

Jay-Z In Trouble for Signing Geno Smith to Roc Nation Sports?

Rapper Jay-Z is snatching up all the up-and-coming professional athletes to be a part of his new sports agency Roc Nation Sports. But NFLPA is saying that he may have violated recruitment rules with his most recent signing of New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith. CLICK HERE to read more. 

Obama Jokes About Lipstick on Collar  [VIDEO]

President Obama had some explaining to do when he was caught with a lipstick stain on his collar at a White House reception Tuesday night. But he managed to shut down the rumors before they even started and deliver some laughs by calling out the culprit who accidentally smudged him during a friendly embrace. CLICK HERE to see the video. 

Chief Keef Arrested for Speeding [VIDEO]

Rapper Chief Keef has landed himself in trouble with the law, again. The 17-year-old was arrested early Monday morning by police after being clocked going 110 mph on a 55 mph expressway in Northfield, Illinois. CLICK HERE to see the video.

US Army Sergeant Charged With Afghanistan Massacre to Plead Guilty

Robert Bales, the US Army staff sergeant accused of killing 16 villagers while serving in Afghanistan, is expected to plead guilty in court next week to avoid the death penalty. CLICK HERE to read more.

Whoops! Woman Says Rihanna’s Lipstick Gave Her Herpes 

A New York woman has filed a lawsuit against MAC Cosmetics after allegedly contracting herpes from testing a sample of “RiRi Woo” lipstick at their pop-up stand during a Rihanna concert. CLICK HERE to read more.

Facebook Launches New Verified Profile Feature

Facebook is taking a page from Twitter and hopping on the “verified” bandwagon. With the blue check mark, users can now connect with their favorite celebrities and be confident that they’re not getting “Catfished.” CLICK HERE to read more.