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What We’re Reading This Week [March 29, 2013]

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela

Michael Baisden Locked out of Studio, Show Cancelled 
Fans were shocked to hear that after 10 years on air, Baisden’s popular radio show was cancelled. To make maters worse, the host was locked out of his studio and was not allowed to make a proper farewell. CLICK HERE to read more.

George Zimmerman’s Brother Goes on Twitter Rampage

George Zimmerman’s family is constantly speaking out against what they believe is his portrayal as a villain in the media. But Zimmerman’s brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr., took it up several notches. He took to Twitter, of course, with asinine defense on behalf of his brother, comparing Trayvon Martin to an alleged teen killer. CLICK HERE to read more.

Students Protest Proposed School Closings in Chicago

Just six months after the first CTU strike in 25 years, Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett announced plans to close several schools in Chicago. This prompted teachers, students and parents to launch a protest during the week of Spring Break. CLICK HERE to read more.

Dionne Warwick files Bankruptcy

Musical great Dionne Warwick has seen better days. Reports say the star filed for bankruptcy due to years of money mismanagement. CLICK HERE to read more.

Whitney Houston’s Sister-In-Law, Pat Houston, has Suicide Scare
After posting a cryptic message on her Facebook page, which read: “Sometimes you just feel like giving up on life and its many challenges. And for the first time in my life…I’m tired…and I want to finally rest. I love you guys.”— Pat Houston’s family believed she was suicidal. Their concerns were multiplied when they were unable to reach her via phone and when they arrived at her home and found her passed out in bed next to a pill bottle. According to sources, it was all a misunderstanding as Houston says she merely took some pain killers for a sore back and turned her phone off to get some rest. CLICK HERE to read more.

Nelson Mandela Hospitalized

A lung infection that has plagued Nelson Mandela has struck again, prompting doctors to admit the 94-year-old former president to a hospital. South Africa’s presidency said Thursday that the anti-apartheid leader was responding well to treatment and the medical team was acting with extreme caution because of the advanced age of the anti-apartheid leader, who has become increasingly frail in recent years. CLICK HERE to read more.

Colorado Theater Shooter Pleads Guilty

Colorado theater shooting suspect James Holmes has offered to plead guilty and serve the rest of his life in prison to avoid the death penalty — a deal that would bring a swift end to the sometimes wrenching courtroom battle and circumvent a prolonged debate over his sanity. Prosecutors haven’t said whether they would accept the offer, and victims and survivors of last summer’s massacre were divided on what should be done. CLICK HERE to read more.

Teen indicted in Slaying of GA Baby

A Georgia teenager shot a 13-month-old baby in the face while trying to rob the child’s mother, according to an indictment returned Wednesday that also charged the suspect with shooting another person in an unrelated robbery attempt earlier this month. The indictment by a Glynn County grand jury charges 17-year-old De’Marquise Elkins on nine counts, including malice murder, in the slaying last Thursday of young Antonio Santiago a few blocks from his home in coastal Brunswick. CLICK HERE to read more.

Photographer Called N Word by Sean Penn’s Soon responds

Vladimir Labissiere, a Black photographer, had an unfortunate run-in with Sean Penn’s son, Hopper Penn, who allegedly called him the N-word and hurled other slurs at him. Labissiere was following the actor and his son, Hopper, into aBeverly Hills medical building when the teen had his outbursts, which could have legal repercussions. CLICK HERE to read more.

Rick Ross Apologizes For “Rape” Lyrics
In the wake of the Steubenville rape case, where two high school athletes were found guilty of sexually assaulting an inebriated girl, the public is sensitive of anything that suggests taking advantage of young women. Rapper Rick Ross found himself in hot water for a verse on Atlanta MC Rocko’s record that included a line that referenced slipping a mickey in a woman’s drink. Some radio stations have stopped playing his music as a result, which prompted Ross to come out and apologize for the lyrics. CLICK HERE to read more.