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What We’re Reading This Week [June 7, 2013]


Bi-Racial Cheerios Ad Sparks Racist Backlash [VIDEO]

Who knew a cereal commercial could cause so much controversy? A new Cheerios TV spot featuring a white mother, black father and their mixed race child has ruffled some feathers and garnered racist responses from the online community. CLICK HERE to view the commercial. 

Tornadoes Strike Oklahoma Again

Oklahoma just can’t catch a break. After being ravaged by one of the worst tornadoes in US history last month, the state took another big hit as more twisters touched down last week. CLICK HERE to read more.

Supreme Court OK’s routine DNA samples upon arrest

A new Supreme Court ruling says police can take DNA samples from people who are arrested, but not yet convicted of a serious crime. Law enforcement can then compare the genetic data to samples from a national database of unsolved crimes to see if there is a match. CLICK HERE to read more.

Fight at Kindergarten Graduation Leads to 8 Arrests

Eight people left a Cleveland, Ohio kindergarten graduation in handcuffs last Friday morning after a fight broke out on school grounds following the ceremony.  CLICK HERE to read more.

Trina Braxton Files For Divorce From Husband Gabe

Trina Braxton has finally given up on trying to fix her broken marriage with hubby Gabriel Solis and is ready to sign them papers! The couple has been married for ten years and have two children together. CLICK here to read more. 

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian’s Baby’s Gender Revealed [VIDEO]

On the eighth season premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim finds out that she and Yeezy will be welcoming a baby girl into the world come next month. CLICK HERE to view more.

Grant Hill & Jason Kidd Retire From NBA 

What are the odds? After 19 seasons, basketball legends Grant Hill and Jason Kidd, who were both recruited in the 1994 NBA draft, are leaving the game. Both announced their retirement from the league just two days shy of one another. CLICK HERE to read more. 

Michelle Obama Handles Heckler [Audio]

By now, people should know better than to mess with Michelle Obama! During a Democratic fundraiser on Tuesday, an unruly protestor kept trying to talk over the First Lady while she was making a speech. And let’s just say Mrs.Obama’s reaction wasn’t as passive as her husband’s might have been.  CLICK HERE to listen. 

Injured Fan May Sue Miguel

Miguel’s infamous leg drop may cost him a lot more than he anticipated. Khyati Shah, the woman he landed on, claims to have suffered head trauma that may have caused brain damage and is now contemplating filing a lawsuit against Miguel. CLICK HERE to read more. 

Paris Jackson Recovers After Suicide Attempt

Fifteen-year-old Paris Jackson is recovering after being rushed to the hospital Wednesday following an apparent suicide attempt. The late Michael Jackson’s daughter reportedly overdosed on 20 Motrin pills and cut her arm with a kitchen knife. CLICK HERE to read more.