What We’re Reading This Week [June 28, 2013]

Man Sentenced for Stealing Obama Campaign Funds

A suburban Chicago man was sentenced for stealing $50,000 worth of checks from the Obama campaign office in Chicago. Jessie Adams will serve four years.

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Michelle Obama Joins Instagram

First Lady Michelle Obama decided to join the Instagram world. Maybe she’ll share some great candid shots of the family with the rest of the country.

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8-Year-Old Raising Money for Grandma’s Funeral

A young Ohio resident lost his grandmother to cancer and when he heard his parents worrying over the funeral expenses, he came up with a plan to help. Instead of selling the traditional lemonade, the 8-year-old decided to sell Kool-Aid.

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Fat Joe Sentenced to 4 Months for Tax Invasion

Looks like Fat Joe can be added to the list with other entertainers who fail to do their taxes. He was sentenced to serve four months for skipping out on taxes between 2007 and 2010. It’s estimated that he owes the IRS $718,038, plus he’s being fined $150,000.

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Man Kills Robber in Line to Buy Shoes, then Returns to the Line

One Atlanta resident was ready to die, and all for a pair of shoes. The anonymous man had been waiting in line outside of a shoe store for a pair of Nike LeBron X EXT sneakers. While in line, another man pulled out a gun and attempted to rob him, and the others, who were patiently waiting.

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Marine’s Wife Raped in Front of Him, then Both Killed

Two newlyweds were victims of a home-invasion that turned fatal. The husband, a marine, had to watch his wife get raped, then both were shot in the head. A jury recommended the death penalty for two of the three assailants, who had previously worked with the marine.

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