Blacks In West Papua Seek Freedom with Campaign

For years, West Papua’s Black citizens have been fighting for human rights, particularly independence from the Indonesian military.

In 2004, the Free West Papua Campaign was established as an attempt to alert the world to the ongoing genocide in West Papua.

Several reports of unfair treatment, abuse and discrimination have been cited in the region. From the looks of the below Twitter photo, some citizens appear to have been subjected to harsh, humiliating regimes under the authority of Indonesia’s military:

Under the #WestPapua hashtag, several protesters, citizens and those in opposition of the military’s practices are taking to social media to speak out against what the region’s citizens experience daily.

“We are a peaceful, public campaign, whose aim is very simple: to give the people of West Papua the freedom to choose their own destiny through a fair and transparent referendum – a freedom they have always been denied,” the Free West Papua Campaign’s page states. “We work with politicians of all parties, and also with other NGOs and campaign groups, both national and international, towards this aim.”

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Photo: Free West Papua