Wednell Pierce Opens Grocery Stores in NOLA

Wendell Pierce is offering solutions for the food desert and lack of employment problem that plagues his native, New Orleans.  The Treme star launched Sterling Farms, a small chain of grocery and convenience stores, throughout different areas in New Orleans that are most affected.

His chain offers affordable and wholesome foods for customers, as well as transportation home to any customer that spends more than $50.

“The most important thing to me is creating a relationship with the community; creating an economic engine as an opportunity for them just to have access to a decent grocery store,” Pierce explained to NBC Nightly News.

Sterling Farms also offers new employment opportunities. Watch the full story here:

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It’s nice to see people offering viable solutions to serious problems that in a country as developed as America, shouldn’t be issues. Good job Wendell Pierce for taking a stand in your community.