Webinar: In Response to the Spring Valley Assault

On Tuesday Nov. 3, the African American Policy Forum will host a webinar in response to a South Carolina officer dragging a young Black female teenager from a classroom.

The webinar, “Spring Valley is Everywhere: When Being A Black Girl is Your Only Crime,” is meant to “amplify the voices of young women who have been impacted by overly punitive discipline policies, educators who have witnessed the criminalization of Black girls in schools, scholars who have researched the gendered and racialized dimensions of the school-to-prison pipeline and more.”

Featured speakers include: Kimberle Crenshaw of The African American Policy Forum, Je’Kendria Trahan of The Black Youth Project 100 (BYP 100), Amanda Petteruti, co-author of “The Case Against Police in Schools,” a report from the Justice Policy Institute, Kisha Webster, educator and youth advocate, Samantha Master of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and Nona Jones of the PACE Center for Girls.

“We are outraged by the unconscionable act of violence committed in a Spring Valley math class last week,” a press release announcing the webinar stated. “We know that violence against Black girls and women is not new; it is the same violence that brutalized Salecia Johnson, Diamond Neals, Mikia Hutchinson and Dajerria Becton.”

The webinar takes place Tuesday at noon EST. Click here to register.