Warren Sapp Pleads Guilty in Prostitution Case

NFL star Warren Sapp has pleaded guilty in a much-mocked case involving solicitation of prostitutes, according to TMZ Sports.

Sapp was arrested in Phoenix in February after admitting he paid two women $300 each for sexual acts in his hotel room. The former defensive tackle was charged with solicitation and assault for allegedly assaulting the women after an argument over money.

Now, Sapp agreed to plead guilty to one count of solicitation and one count of assault. In exchange for the plea, he must complete two counseling programs. The first is a Prostitution Solicitation Diversion Program. The second course deals with anger management.

Sapp has 160 days to completed both programs, or he will face 30 days in jail and 2 years probation.

Looks like Mr. Sapp got off easy with this one. Let’s hope he doesn’t get caught up in any more drama.