Walter Scott’s Passenger Speaks Out

The passenger who was with a South Carolina man during the last moments of his life is speaking out.

Pierre Fulton was with 50-year-old Walter Scott when he was pulled over for what should have been a routine traffic stop nearly two weeks ago.

Scott was shot five times in the back by North Charleston officer Michael Slager as he fled. Slager has since been charged with first-degree murder and fired from the department.

“Walter was a dear friend, and I miss him everyday,” Fulton stated in a written statement. “Over the past five years, he helped me to become a better man and showed me the value of hard work. I’ll never know why he ran, but I know he didn’t deserve to die.”

Scott’s lawyer says the statement will be the only one that his client makes before court proceedings.

Slager, who was alone in his police cruiser when he pulled Scott over, shot at the unarmed man eight times. Fulton was briefly detained. He provided a statement to the State Law Enforcement Division on Friday and publicly revealed his identity late Monday.

“We hope this statement is sufficient enough to allow him to continue the healing process in a private manner,” the release states.