Wake-up call? Jackson ad replete with bleeps

Actor Samuel Jackson narrates and stars in a new ad hitting the web — it’s in support of President Barack Obama — titled “Wake the **** Up.” Playing on his screen image of using four-letter language, Jackson offers his consistent refrain to a girl’s pleas to her family members to take voting more seriously. While wagging a critical finger at GOPers Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s plans, Jackson talks up Obama’s policies and stances, including universal healthcare and marriage equality — underscoring it all with salty language. Speaking in Suess-like rhymes, Jackson and his young cohort advise people to wake up and vote for Obama.

“Sorry my friend, but there’s no time to snore. An out-of-touch millionaire has just declared war on schools, the environment, union, fair pay. We’re all on our own if Romney has his way. And he’s against safety nets; if you fall, tough luck. So I strongly suggest that you wake the **** up,” Jackson said in the commercial.