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Teen Boys Rapping About Oral Sex Goes Viral

Acceptance of alternate lifestyles has evolved considerably over the past few days. But a new video that has gone viral as sparked a new layer to the conversation. The clip features several Black teens who openly freestyle rap about performing oral sex on other males. Each boy rhymes about his oral skills until one leads the group in an interpolation of Drake’s “Started From the Bottom” that finds the boys chanting, “Started from the d**k now we here/Started sucking d**k now we’re sucking on your pubic hair!”

Needless to say the video has sparked a wide array of responses regarding the state of Black male masculinity. One of the loudest voices on the subject is YouTube vlogger Tommy Sotomayor who posted a 18-minute response where he puts some of the blame on single mothers. Below you will find the original viral video of the boys rapping and Sotomayor’s response.

Check them both out and then share your thoughts in the comment section.

**Warning: Both clips contain NSFW content**

YouTube Response