Vince Young Finds Purpose After Football

His career cut short at 31, NFL quarterback Vince Young had to find a new path in life. Now, on OWN’s “In the Deep Shift with Jonas Elrod,” he examines his life after football and how he managed to find purpose again.

He talks about fatherhood, finding “inner peace” and mentoring youth.

Working with kids is helping him heal past wounds, Young explains. Though his father was incarcerated and missed most of his childhood, Young has moved past it. “I definitely forgave my father,” he says. “We see each other, we talk. Relax with the family. I’m happy to see my son around with his grandpa, so I thank God for that and for finding that inner peace that I needed.”

With a newfound purpose in life, Young says he’s made a complete turnaround from where he was after his NFL career fizzled out. “I tripped, scarred my knees up — but now I’m patching up the bruises, got a little ice pack on my neck — and I’m moving forward,” he says.

Watch a clip below: