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[Video] Woman Assaulted by Cops Over $150

Jasper-OfficersEver since the 1988 killing of James Byrd—an African-American man who was dragged behind a truck until he was decapitated—Jasper, TX has been a hotbed of racial tension. While some may have thought things have changed in the Southern town since then, a new story of police brutality suggests different.

DigglesA 25-year-old woman named Keyarika Diggles was brought into a local police station police station to pay a delinquent fine of $150. Diggles attempted to get the necessary funds from her mother over the phone when two White officers physically detained her. Leaked video footage of the incident shows Officer Ricky Grissom reaching over and hanging up the phone, which led to a verbal dispute with Diggles. That quickly escalated into Grissom and fellow Officer Ryan Cunningham grabbing Diggles and slamming her head into a counter before forcing her to the floor and then dragging her to a holding cell. Both officers were eventually fired for their actions.

Rev. Al Sharpton recently conducted an interview with Diggles and her lawyer about the incident. Check it out in the video below along with footage of the assault.

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