Video: Woman Arrested For Pit Bull Attack

A New York woman was caught on video ordering her pet pit bulls to attack a man in the Bronx.

65-year-old Cynthia Oliver got into an argument with the unnamed victim before letting her dogs off their leashes in an order of attack.

A nearby witness saw the attack and jumped in, in an attempt to get the dogs off the victim. Other neighbors came out, armed with hoses and other items in hopes of freeing the man from the dogs’ grasp.

When they tried to keep the dogs away from the victim, they turned their attack on the good Samaritan.

The first victim lost part of his right ear and sustained nerve damage to his arms, according to police. Oliver has been charged with eight counts of assault and two counts of reckless endangerment.

Animal control has since taken custody of the dogs.

Watch the disturbing (NSFW) video below.