Video: Panera Bread Manager Brawl

Violence erupted at a Manhattan Panera Bread chain store earlier this week, when a shift employee quit mid-shift.

According to YouTube user, Midgarrr, the fist-throwing bout between the female employee and the male store manager, the “Panera employee quit mid shift, just wasn’t having it today. Threw some bag of chips on the floor, yelled, etc NBD. Manager in white shirt basically threw her out the door, she came back, and then…..this”

The aggressive video footage has since been removed from his account. However, you can catch it in the below coverage by WGN TV Chicago.

According to the the NY Post, police sources said the woman provoked the manager which led to him throwing a “defensive swing.”

Now, let’s think about this.

It appears the manager had full control over the situation and it’s hard to tell if the employee threw a jab or slap. What you can clearly see though is the manager throwing a full blow to her head causing her to fall.

In any case, what warrants this type of behavior at a job?

This is sad on all fronts.

Since the incident, both employees have been fired.