Video: NYPD Cops Beat Man

Credit: Thinkstock

Video footage shows a man being brutally beaten by NYPD cops as he appeared to be surrendering inside a Brooklyn grocery store on July 7.

Thomas Jennings suffered cuts and bruises as a result of the incident. The video shows him raising both hands in what appears to be a gesture of giving up just seconds before the assault began.

“I didn’t ever know it was coming,” Jennings told the New York Daily News.

The incident started at a local pizzeria where Jennings and another man allegedly threatened an employee with a switchblade before running out without paying for a slice of pizza.

The officers caught up with Jennings at the grocery store shortly after.

As a result of the attack, Jennings had to get five stitches to close the wound.

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson’s office is investigating the cops’ use of force against him  in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

The NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau is also reviewing the tape.

According to a lawyer representing Jennings, there was no justification for the abuse.

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