Baton Rouge Cop Fatally Shoots Alton Sterling

Protests are currently taking place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after video surfaced of two police officers tackling and then fatally shooting, Alton Sterling outside of a local convenience store, early Tuesday morning.

WAFB-TV, a local station, reported that Sterling, 37, was selling CDs in front of a food mart when he was approached by the Baton Rouge officers who stated that they were responding to a disturbance from someone who claimed he was being threatened by a man with a gun.

It is unclear what caused the confrontation to escalate, however, in the video you can see the officers slamming Sterling to the ground and aggressively holding him down.


An autopsy report shows that Sterling was shot multiple times in the chest and back.

Apparently, during the altercation the officers body cams fell off. Fortunately, there was footage caught on the dash cam in addition to the above video which was allegedly shot by a witness of the incident.

Adbul Muflahi, owner of the convenient store stated that he saw the shooting take place and claims that the officers confronted Sterling and tackled him. He also stated that he saw one cop use his taser and fire a shot while Sterling was on the ground.

A crucial note made, was that he did not see a gun in Sterling’s hand but did see the officers pull a gun out of Sterling’s pocket after he was fatally shot.

Police haven’t confirmed if Sterling had a gun or not.

Investigators are currently looking into the tragic situation with plans to review all footage and interview the officers involved. Both officers have been placed on administrative leave.

Sterling’s sister told reporters that he was a father of five and had been selling CDs in that location for years.

Check back for further updates.