Victim of Cleveland Bus Uppercut Speaks Out

Shidea Lane
Shidea Lane following bus incident.

Last week footage was release of a young belligerent woman on a Cleveland bus getting uppercut and then tossed out of a bus by the driver. There were different versions of the footage floating around, some shorter than others, that depicted the woman engaging in a verbal spat with the bus driver and eventually it appeared as if she hit him. After that things rapidly spiraled out of control.

The bus driver, Artis Hughes, who has been with the RTA for 22-years, was suspended and removed from duty following the incident. Shidea Lane, the 25-year-old woman who was on the receiving end of the uppercut told her side of the story to Fox.

“I don’t remember everything, because I was so hysterical at the time,”  said the Cleveland woman. Lane says she was getting on an RTA bus back on Sept. 18 to go to work but the driver assumed she didn’t have money for the ride because she was looking for her money. Watch the video for the full story.