Vice Principal: “I Just Don’t Like the Black Kids”

If it was a joke, parents aren’t laughing after a middle school vice principal in Fresno, Calif. said “I just don’t like the black kids.”

Captured on a cell phone video by students, Joe DiFilippo, vice principal of Scandinavian Middle School in Fresno makes the offending statement after the kids talked about who they or he didn’t like.

Watch the video below:

Parents have come out saying DiFilippo should be fired and some students told the Fresno Bee newspaper that they felt he did target African American students. Right now the vice principal is on paid administrative leave from the school while the district investigates the incident.

From Huffington Post:

That’s not a joke,” Latricia Medley, who has a child in the school, told ABC 30. “That’s not a very funny joke.”

Medley told the station that she had spoken to DiFilippo before the incident and never got the sense that he was racist. Now, however, she wants him fired.

She’s not alone.

If he said it, he needs to be fired,” Ann Frank, who also has a child in the school, told the Fresno Bee.

What do you think should happen to the vice principal? Do you think he was joking or was he being racist? Sound off in the comments below.