University of Nebraska Anti-Racism Campaign

Kudos to the young Black men and women at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln who refuse to allow bigots to ruin their college experience and aren’t scared to speak out.  We definitely feel their struggle against school administrators and one particular snide student senator who thought he should drop the n-bomb during a racial discussion to make his point. Not to mention, there’s the student who feels he shouldn’t have to tiptoe around the feelings of people of color.   (Side Note: Be seated, sirs.)

Thank you to my Twitter family @badbadleroyb for hitting me up via @thekylesfiles with this story.  Check out this piece about the UNL students and please add your voice to theirs– and other standouts including the students from University of Michigan— so we can make an overarching societal change.  Please read the  excerpt below and get the rest of the insightful article via the link below.

“Bryan Colbert felt he had nothing to lose.

So when the junior broadcasting major took the microphone on Nov. 25, after a series of prepared speeches from University of Nebraska-Lincoln administrators and student leaders – speeches carefully penned to quell a growing storm of racial tension – he didn’t hold back.

“You reading your speech that you wrote out, that was very cute,” he said, addressing UNL Chancellor Harvey Perlman from the back of a packed Centennial Room in the Nebraska Union. “But you don’t know what it’s like to be a minority, sir.”

Hundreds of students and faculty members shifted in their chairs. Some laughed in discomfort. Others raised their eyebrows at those around them. But all were silent as they listened to the young man in the back.

“You’re disrespecting every minority student who has to work to make it in your world,” Colbert said. “We’re fighting every single day so we can be equal. We’re all fighting every day. Except you, sir. What fight are you fighting?”

Perlman responded with a personal admission: He grew up the only Jewish kid in town”.  Read the rest HERE at the Daily Nebraskan.