United Airlines’ Fiasco Causes Senators to Introduce New Bill Preventing Flight Draggings

Dr. David Dao is not the only one still feeling the affects of his United Airlines plane dragging.

The incident sparked so much outrage and became such a public relations nightmare that the company’s CEO, Oscar Munoz, will no longer become chairman, which was planned.

The incident on the flight also sparked Democratic lawmakers to introduce a bill to prevent anything like this from occurring again. The bill is called the Transparency, Improvements, and Compensation to Keep Every Ticketholder Safe Act (TICKETS). It makes sure airlines do not prevent passengers who have already boarded from flying, unless they are a security or health risk. It also puts limits on the monetary compensation airlines can offer passengers to give up their seat.

Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.), who introduced the bill with Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii), said, “The horrifying incident on United Flight 3411 made clear that we need stronger consumer protections for the flying public. This common-sense legislation will help prevent incidents like that from happening again and help ensure that travelers are treated with greater fairness and respect by the airlines industry.”

The other requirements of the bill are that airlines give passengers more information on how they sell fares, a federal review of overselling practices and mandates flight crews check in to desired flights 60 minutes before a plane departs.

So far, the bill only has Democratic support, but it sounds like something that should definitely be made into law.