United Airlines CEO Releases Third Statement Finally Apologizing After Passenger Incident

One of the biggest news stories of the week is the passenger on a United Airlines flight who was forcibly removed from the plane due to the airline overbooking and wanting to accommodate traveling crew members.

Video taken by passengers shows the man screaming while being dragged by police officers down the aisles where he ends up bloodied and bruised.

To say United Airlines is having a week from hell would be an understatement. The now viral video made its way onto the Internet on Monday morning and the online backlash has not subsided.

By Tuesday, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz was on his third statement about the incident. This time, he’s finally apologizing and vowing a full review will take place by the end of April.

In Munoz’s first statement, he apologized for “having to re-accommodate these customers.” By “these customers” did he mean the other passengers on the plane who were witnesses to the heinous act, passengers who are inconvenienced due to flights overbooking or the man who was forcibly removed?

In the second statement, Munoz describes the man as “disruptive and belligerent.” Nope, that definitely didn’t go over well.

Now on his third statement released on Tuesday, Munoz offers an apology.

“I want you to know that we take full responsibility and we will work to make it right,” he said. “I promise you we will do better.”

He also called the forcible removal “truly horrific.”

Munoz promised a full review by April 30 “to fix what’s broken so this never happens again.”

It’s also worth noting this third apology came after the United Airlines stock lost $250 million in market value.