United Airlines Bans Girl From Flight For Wearing Leggings

The politics of wearing leggings continues. 

Over the weekend, one woman ( @Shannon Watts )  tweeted how appalled she was to watch a teen get denied boarding access for her flight from Denver to Minneapolis all because she was wearing leggings. Apparently, leggings do not fit United Airlines required clothing policy.  The United Airline flight attendant told the teen flat out that if she didn’t change into pants or put a dress on then, she would not be able to board her flight. Tweeter Shannon Watts was watching all of this happen and tweeted her fury in realtime.

Because of the internet, it took less than a few hours for the Twitterverse and the entire internet to come together and demand answers from United Airlines. Even our favorite supermodel Chrissy Teigen chimed in.

The flight company responded with a series of tweets and official press releases defending their “no leggings” policy.

According to United Airlines policies, the company employees do have the right to refuse any passenger access on their aircraft if their clothing is not appropriate- you can read about the policy here.

But the bigger question and concern is the whole leggings aren’t pants situation. Leggings are apart of a woman’s everyday sartorial choices and their usage extends far beyond the gym. The whole leggings versus pants debate is just becoming obsolete. It’s really a matter of personal preference. Even the style community knows that leggings are the most “comfortable” option for a flight. So it’s interesting that in 2017, this is still happening.

Do you think that leggings are pants? Comment below.