Two Arrested in Fight Over Confederate Flag

Credit: Shutterstock

Two Wisconsin residents were arrested after engaging in a fight over the Confederate flag. Police say Tajuan Boatner and Toni Barribeau exchanged heated words, including the n-word before the altercation over the hate symbol.

According to Barribeau, who is white, Boatner went inside her Racine home, knocked her to the ground and took down her Confederate flag Friday afternoon.

“He said I know you’re probably racist, can you please take it down,” Barribeau told CBS 58. “I said fine, but I will probably put it in another window. No you won’t. I’ll make sure of it. So I went and put it in my other window.”

Boatner and Barribeau then got into an argument.

“I called him the n-word,” said Barribeau. “But still that doesn’t mean you can put your hands on anybody.”

Police arrested Boatner for battery, assault and disorderly conduct. Barribeau, who are also arrested and received a citation, suffered a few bruises as a result of the fight.

Boatner remains in custody.