Twitter War: dream hampton vs. Deray Mckesson

An intense Twitter battle has ensued and at its helm is Detroit-based writer/author dream hampton and social activist Deray Mckesson.

Since August 9, the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, MO, tensions and a call for restructured policies have emerged via conversations with fiery intent on change. Citizens around the world united with a solidified hashtag, #BlackLivesMatter.

Deray, an outspoken activist who works closely with the creators of #BlackLivesMatter and uses the power of social media to keep the public informed – at times risking his own safety on Ferguson grounds, was recently arrested while protesting in Missouri. He has since been released. In addition, to reports that he is currently being monitored by the FEDS, Deray was also targeted by dream after agreeing to meet with Sen. Bernie Sanders.

hampton caught wind and used her character space to allege that Deray is not really a part of the Black Lives Matter movement and that if Sanders were to meet with anyone, it should be those who planted the seed for him to create a new reform policy.

It was an accusation that also caught the attention of vocal activist, Johnetta Netta Elzie.

As the tweet exchange continued, followers of the conversation chimed in supporting Deray’s work and that of the Black Lives Matter organization. It was also mentioned that though heavy attention follows McKesson, other individuals who are part of the movement have been contacted by various campaigns as well. As of August 9, the movement expressed on their website, that they are not aligned with any presidential campaign.

The conversation raised a lot of eyebrows with McKesson noting his surprise by hampton’s written attack.

In all, the surface of the argument lies in the Senator speaking to individuals “responsible” for him announcing a change in policy. Deray’s argument is that while many from various organizations in support of the Black Lives Matter movement were contacted by campaigns, the focus should be on discussing and moving forward with fair policies.

This is a war of words that will hopefully lead to positive, forward action.