Chicago Politicians Want to Dump Trump Sign

Sooo…guess we can safely assume Mayor Rahm Emmanuel will not be voting for Donald Trump this election season?

The Chicago official on Wednesday vocalized his support to remove an honorary Donald Trump street sign on Wabash Avenue in Chicago. The sign honors the Trump Tower.

Emmanuel told NBC 5 Chicago, “We’ll put the sign back up when he releases his tax returns.”

Emmanuel, a vocal supporter of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton explained, that Trump is “Wrong for America” especially pointing out Trump’s stop-and -frisk methods in light of the frequent crime cases in Chicago.

Emmanuel continued to say, “Don’t just take his sign down,” the mayor said. “Let’s make sure we mobilize and get out and vote because this is a very important and big election.”

With the election rapidly approaching, Democrat Ald. Brendan Riley, prosed in the city council meeting, the sign be removed within a month.

Riley explained to NBC, that Trumps’ actions during last weeks debates was the last straw on the heels of his former offensive comments. After Trump extensively discussed Chicago’s crime rate issues, it brought lots of skepticism to the cities’ politicians. Especially, with him touting his stop-and-frisk methods as being a solution to decrease crime in Chicago.

“It was actually Donald Trump who decided to make Chicago a part of his campaign,” Reilly said. “Had he not, we probably wouldn’t be talking about this right now.”

Riley was not pleased with Trump mentioning Chicago issue’s during the Presidential debate. He told NBC, “His divisive comments about various segments of Chicago society, whether you’re Latino or another minority, an immigrant, a woman, that in and of itself is offensive,” Reilly added. “But his decision to drag us into this campaign and mischaracterize and paint a very distorted caricature of Chicago is a mistake and we reserve these honorary street signs for special Chicagoans who have lifted up this city and move us forward.”

Trump is no stranger to Riley or Emmanuel as he gave them both monetary contributions during their elections. Reilly received $500 from Trump Hotel & Casino Resorts Holdings in 2008 and $5,000 from Trump in 2010. Additionally, Emanuel received $50,000 from the real estate magnate in 2010. Trump Tower was completed in 2009.

Even with Trump’s former financial assistance, Riley stood his ground and even went on to say that Trump can have his money back, along with the street sign.